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1864 Blog- Kiana

My Prezi on Women in the War^

1863 Dusty Cutler

Dear General Lee
Although you made an attempt at Gettysburg, at which I do appluade you for your attempt,  we turned it from a major win to a devastating loss. I do recommend tjat we play at the defence so to how Lincoln will use this for political gain and the moral of the Union will be greater than ever. With the Confederacy split in two we need to think of this strategically. We may be able to to surround the encampments with the right timing but that will put the other Confederate forces at risk. I hope you consider your options.
Cononel Pettigrew
Dear my beloved wife Alexa,
If you are reading this I have been captured by the union in the Battle of Gettysburg. As usual, It has most likely been a very bloody battle and many of my comrades have fallen. If I was captured, I have not gone down without a fight and I am most likely shot or injured. Please tell the kids I love them. If you hear back from me again it will be a coded message of how to get me out of this hell hole of a prison the union is keeping me in. Till then, stay safe and have the slaves serve you well.

Major Stephen B. Madden

Battle of Gettysburg

Well I was wrong, Antitum was not the bloodiest battle. Some days I wonder why I do this. But then I look at my friends dying and I fight threw the pain. Fight threw the starvation and the blood and the loss. 10 new soldiers joined our regenment today because of the loss of people from Gettysburg. It was 3 days of fighting by the second day 37,000 where killed. I'm blessed to be one that survived. I am not talking to the new soldiers. I think they see me as cold but that's not why. I will never get close to anyone in this war agiain because I refuse to go threw the pain of loosing  someone I care about. There are rumers of soldiers going crazy and doing insane things. The south is now on a run. Lee needed the win. My family- my kids and my wife needed the win. I needed the win to keep my sanity together to know I am fighting with a chance of victory and then maybe I could smile. But not yet.

1863 Blog Post (Kiana)

To my dearest Annamae and Edward,

The date is May 25, 1863 and oh how high my spirits are! Yet another victory caused by our smart, courageous leader General Lee. For he has lead us through another victory within a four day attack in Chancellorsville. We were able to win more control over ourselves in this war but my prayers go to the soul of good old Stonewall Jackson. Even if it was our greatest victory, we lost someone who if it wasn't for their hard work, bravery and intelligence, we wouldn't be in the higher stance in this war. I ask for you, my lovely family, to keep him in your prayers because this was all only possible if it wasn't for his perseverance. Though the North may have taken our property of workers and kept us on lock, we work and work and it's showing. Some parts were horrendous but oh how I wish you'd see how our strategies and tactics kept alive on the field. I have not much time left to write but I will be expecting letters back my dearests. S…

1862 Blog Post- Poem (Kiana)

I look into his eyes, I hear his voice quivering voice saying “Please sir don’t shoot.. I have a family.” I picture of my children at home, Smiling, and laughing.
I question if what I’m doing is wrong. How am I able to live with the blood on my hands? How am I able to live knowing I’ve killed? Brothers, sons, husbands, fathers.
I question what it’s like to die. Will I cry? Be scared? Being the monster I am, Killing those who I have, I believe I should.
Hearing his screams as I snap back from thought, I realize he had ran away during my mental break. General Lee looks me straight in the eye and before he says anything.
I know what will happen.

My wife Beth

My wife Beth,
  I never thought I'd be a blood doner. But I was a blood doner to the ground- my friends where blood donors. The dirt road looked like Jesus came down and turned the dirt into red wine. When I close my eyes I don't see black I see red blood. I feel it. I smell it. I hear it. As if my weak veins where longing for more blood to live so much it actually pictured some to see if it found snatch it from my imagination. I would like to call it the bloodiest battle- but I wish i I knew that was the truth.
 I wish I was with you. I miss my family so much sometimes i wish I did not have one- not because I don't love you, because I love you all so much and the pain is to unbearable. Send my love to my father and don't mention my pain.
 I hate that I love what I'm fighting for. I Hate that I miss you so much. I hate that I can't see you. Joes died yesterday from loss of blood. He was the one that kept me going. He was brave and never said no. The pool of blo…
(Jonathan Swagerty)

Dear my sweet Alexa,

I have survived another year in this terrible war in which the south is outnumbered. I regret to inform you that the terrible southern commander President Lincoln has announced an emancipation proclamation stating all slaves are free in the southern states. Of course us southerners don't take any orders from the wretched Unionists who try to destroy our way of life. If any of the slaves try to escape, give them a good flogging to show them who is in charge. In other words, General Lee and I fought a great battle at Chancellorsville and won! But this came at a cost as one of our greatest generals, Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot and later killed by some privates. If I had to take a guess, I would bet they are working with the union as spy's. I send much love to you and the kids, keep safe.

Sincerely, Stephen B. Madden


Dear Sally This year has been ever so tiring. I was hoping to be home to see you and father soon  but alas that cannot be. With the battle of   our forces have been taxed and I am really needed to keep morale up. I hope yall are being treated as you should be and the slaves are also being treated properly. Please restock my whiskey because father most likely drank it all and heaven only knows Im going to need it after destroying these yanks. If you have not heard, we have officially declared war on the Union. I have to stay remember my love is always with you and remember that I do this for us and our nation. When I come back we will be more influential and we can finally get that slave you always wanted. See you soon my dear With love Colonel Pettigrew

1861 Post (Kiana)

Studying Glossary Quiz Part 2 on Quizlet:

Screaming silence

Screaming silence

 I seem to enjoy
the dead
that makes me feel so
 but makes others dead seconds later
 the silence in the beginning of a battle
the first shot comes
and the ripple effect starts
And then comes the sounds that make up a band people would pay not to go to
Then smell of empty smoke
which does not bode well with my dry mouth my
dry mouth
 that water would surely cure
my dry mouth
that hard tack feeds  and fills every sour taste bud
but does not fill me
my dry mouth
 that is dry from watching my red
bloody best friend die in a battle
the color of
 of loneliness
of war
like the blood trickling down his arm
calling for my name
 echoing puffs of horror
ringing in my
wounded ear drums
red the color that is getting sucked out of my fake smile
 I have to get to my family
I have to give to my kids who looks
at there daddy as a
wise man
who never hurts
but inside my viens are collapsing with the
absence of blood and
absence o…
Oh my Lord, I am so sorry you were drafted into the army to serve for our great CSA. I heard about the battle of BullRun and of all the lives that were lost. At least we showed the dirty Northerners you can't push the south around. I worry about you every night and day to the point of where I can't sleep. The kids and I pray for your well benign and safety. I just hope you can make it through all of this madness so we can be together again. Stephan B. Madden, I love you, and i can't wait till we have our way of life back again.

Sincerely, Your wife Alexa

Kiana Blog Post One

To my beautiful children  Annamae and Edward,

We’re months into a dreadful war and all that is keeping me alive so far, is the thought of making you both so happy with the outcome. I have raised you both up till the past few weeks in traditional Southern ways and I feel as if I owe it to you two to explain my reasoning in this war in case of what happens to me.
    It all started back while I attended private school before England. After so many drinks, my peers and I decided to call it a day but on our way homes, we come across a hidden message that were turned into instructions for creating something. As curiosity got to us, we decided as a group to create the invention which had changed our lives forever. Me, being the smartest of the group, was voted to enter the contraption first and tell what it was and what was inside. I entered and I found myself in a whole different world.  It was preposterous and I couldn’t understand what was going on. Negroes were working hand in hand with…
Outstanding war mates  and friends that keep dropping like flies Rifle expert in the front of the line Live to be the best corporal i can In the all great confederacy (hail dixie!) Not afraid to do anything i can to get what south states deserve, and unfairly lost
Kidds that i miss so much are at home with my wife i'm longing to see soon I believe negroes and slaves are good people but still need supervision Sickening to know  that my mom is very sick, and i may not be able to see her before she passes but time is money in this battle to gaining our freedom back Texas born and raised


Dear Alexa, my beloved wife

I have just finished my first battle in the war and may I say, our troops did a hell of a job. Our army was able to withstand the attacks from the Northerners and even push them back to the point of where they had to retreat. The North thought they were just going to skip away with this battle but it is proving to be more difficult for them than expected. This is a very bloody war and I have seen many of my brethren die in action. If I don't ever see you again then tell the children I love them. Half the slaves go to you and half go to them. If I don't speak to you again, know it was because I died for my country and my state of Tennessee.

P.S. Make sure those slaves take good care of our children.

Sincerely, Major Steven B. Madden 

Enlistment Blog As Lt Colonel Pettigrew

Dear Sally and Granville Pettigrew
I've got good news I hoped to have told you in person but this job is very demanding. Within the first couple of moths as regiment leader General Lee promoted me for my outstanding performance in the field of action and as a leader. It has been my honor so far to serve under General Lee and to serve this wonderful nation that the yanks want so badly to destroy with their big fancy artillery and batteries. I serve this nation for the purpose of defending the very rights we were founded on and I will not stand for anything else.The one thing I've missed are my sons and teaching them how to handle the slaves with care so that future generations can feel their benefits. I will be seeing you soon after we put the Union in their place. The slaves should be worked as usual no exceptions. When I get back have one of them bake the sweetest apple pie they can because that's another thing I miss. This hardtack is going to be the death of me if not f…