1863 Blog Post (Kiana)

To my dearest Annamae and Edward,

The date is May 25, 1863 and oh how high my spirits are! Yet another victory caused by our smart, courageous leader General Lee. For he has lead us through another victory within a four day attack in Chancellorsville. We were able to win more control over ourselves in this war but my prayers go to the soul of good old Stonewall Jackson. Even if it was our greatest victory, we lost someone who if it wasn't for their hard work, bravery and intelligence, we wouldn't be in the higher stance in this war. I ask for you, my lovely family, to keep him in your prayers because this was all only possible if it wasn't for his perseverance. Though the North may have taken our property of workers and kept us on lock, we work and work and it's showing. Some parts were horrendous but oh how I wish you'd see how our strategies and tactics kept alive on the field. I have not much time left to write but I will be expecting letters back my dearests. Show to your mother and know that I greatly care for you all.

                                                                                                                 Love and Miss you from,
                                                                                                                        George Otott


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