Battle of Gettysburg

    Well I was wrong, Antitum was not the bloodiest battle. Some days I wonder why I do this. But then I look at my friends dying and I fight threw the pain. Fight threw the starvation and the blood and the loss. 10 new soldiers joined our regenment today because of the loss of people from Gettysburg. It was 3 days of fighting by the second day 37,000 where killed. I'm blessed to be one that survived. I am not talking to the new soldiers. I think they see me as cold but that's not why. I will never get close to anyone in this war agiain because I refuse to go threw the pain of loosing  someone I care about. There are rumers of soldiers going crazy and doing insane things. The south is now on a run. Lee needed the win. My family- my kids and my wife needed the win. I needed the win to keep my sanity together to know I am fighting with a chance of victory and then maybe I could smile. But not yet.


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