Enlistment Blog As Lt Colonel Pettigrew

Dear Sally and Granville Pettigrew
I've got good news I hoped to have told you in person but this job is very demanding. Within the first couple of moths as regiment leader General Lee promoted me for my outstanding performance in the field of action and as a leader. It has been my honor so far to serve under General Lee and to serve this wonderful nation that the yanks want so badly to destroy with their big fancy artillery and batteries. I serve this nation for the purpose of defending the very rights we were founded on and I will not stand for anything else.The one thing I've missed are my sons and teaching them how to handle the slaves with care so that future generations can feel their benefits. I will be seeing you soon after we put the Union in their place. The slaves should be worked as usual no exceptions. When I get back have one of them bake the sweetest apple pie they can because that's another thing I miss. This hardtack is going to be the death of me if not for the Unions carelessness.  Also when you finish reading this immediately tell my father to keep his grubby hands off my whiskey if he hasn't already taken all of it. I've got to take you out to these fields one day the sky is so clear you can see all the stars. See you soon my dearest.
With love
Lt Colonel Pettigrew


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