(Jonathan Swagerty)

Dear my sweet Alexa,

I have survived another year in this terrible war in which the south is outnumbered. I regret to inform you that the terrible southern commander President Lincoln has announced an emancipation proclamation stating all slaves are free in the southern states. Of course us southerners don't take any orders from the wretched Unionists who try to destroy our way of life. If any of the slaves try to escape, give them a good flogging to show them who is in charge. In other words, General Lee and I fought a great battle at Chancellorsville and won! But this came at a cost as one of our greatest generals, Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot and later killed by some privates. If I had to take a guess, I would bet they are working with the union as spy's. I send much love to you and the kids, keep safe.

Stephen B. Madden


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