Kiana Blog Post One

To my beautiful children  Annamae and Edward,

We’re months into a dreadful war and all that is keeping me alive so far, is the thought of making you both so happy with the outcome. I have raised you both up till the past few weeks in traditional Southern ways and I feel as if I owe it to you two to explain my reasoning in this war in case of what happens to me.
    It all started back while I attended private school before England. After so many drinks, my peers and I decided to call it a day but on our way homes, we come across a hidden message that were turned into instructions for creating something. As curiosity got to us, we decided as a group to create the invention which had changed our lives forever. Me, being the smartest of the group, was voted to enter the contraption first and tell what it was and what was inside. I entered and I found myself in a whole different world.  It was preposterous and I couldn’t understand what was going on. Negroes were working hand in hand with white people and not in a slavery manner.  I questioned a person why slavery was not occurring anymore and the person dares to say that it was outlawed and illegal from then on from the Civil War. I was shocked because there had been no war going on when I was back to MY present, so what had gone wrong?
      But now that I’m back to our present and to stop our country from going to spoils, I have decided to join the Confederacy. I will win this war and be back with you both soon. You guys are always on my mind, see you soon ♡.

                                         From your Loving Father,
                                         George Otott the Fourth



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