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chapter 4 The beggining of the end (1864)

This year like that last was a good year, the war is coming to the end…… Sherman’s march was a sign that you do not mess with the union we decimated everything in our path. We destroyed Atlanta , burned it to the ground. Glad I could live this to be honest…… it was amazing. Still haven’t gotten my gift back. We got a new general too, General Grant, yes he is the general and he is not going to fail I know he won’t. Lincoln won his second election against our former general Mcclellan I wanna say sorry to my friends but I’m afraid I can’t. Something big for me is about to happen. I can’t say what, but it’s big. I’ve learned a lot from this war, I’ve lived a lot moments that should’ve killed me, I’ve looked death in the eyes and punched it on multiple occasions. I made a new friend, His name is Shawn Cruz, but we call him the deadman. He’s broken his legs, been shot twice, rolled both ankles in combat, dislocated his shoulder, gotten bit by a snake, and got typhoid fever and he’s still al…

Chapter 3 The bloody one (1863) by ernie

We had one of, if not the bloodiest battles this year…… And I lived it, they’re gonna be jealous…… The battle of Gettysburg, it lasted three days……. We suffered many losses, General says more than 20,000. I lost a lot of my friends that day, I’ve been trying not to get attached to the people I meet here for reasons like this, And just in case I return to when I belong. Lee thought he could beat us, he rushed into this he wanted a quick victory but instead got a loss. Now that feeling you have Lee that’s defeat….. Get used to it. Even though we lost a lot of people we beat Lee, this victory was for all those we lost. A Maine regiment showed what the union stands for, he showed that no matter what, we don’t give up. On the third day they ran out of ammunition with confederate troops going uphill towards them. So what’s the only thing you can do in that situation? Run downhill with your bayonets and charge at your enemy. If it weren’t for this the battle could’ve ended a lot worse for us…

chapter 2 You win some, You lose some. (1862) by ernie

This year was a big year for both sides, we both gained a lot and lost a lot this year. We (the union) tied (with the confederate) at Antietam (or at least they consider it a tie). We were able to hold off Gen. Lee’s attempt to capture Antietam was a good attempt, I’ll say. But luckily by the grace of god, we were able to find the enemy plans and counter their attack and keep them from capturing Antietam, but those confederate scums were able to take out a lot of our men. They’ll all be remembered, like I said this year was a big year. A new advancement in warfare and technology  was made, they’re called ironclad ships.  Luckily when our ship collided with the confederates, both powers were new and evenly matched…… This war is killing me, I miss them, I miss my family, my friends. I wish there was some way I could tell them where I’m at. They’re probably all wondering about me…… when I’ll return. I wish I knew when. Rations aren’t much. We have numbers, but no experience. I never imag…

Chapter 1 The beggining (1861) by ernie

It's 1861 and I know what's gonna happen. I can't risk anything though. But forget that, My name as you know it is John Blackburn, I’m with the regiment known as Blackstorm. McClellan is playing like he should, like a coward. This year was a big year, for most people it was surprising, but the first deaths didn’t happen at Bull Run, they actually happened. They actually happened at Baltimore. I wasn’t there but I know about it…. I however was at The Battle Of Bull Run, which, to no surprise, we lost. McClellan went in way too cocky, ignoring the fact that even though we have numbers, we have very little to no experience on the field. Which led a lot of our fellow friends to their demise. We need people so badly that lincoln had to call for volunteers. I wish I would’ve paid attention in class I can’t remember any of this……. Jeez the humiliation is bad. We not only lost Bull Run, but they ate our food and just celebrated while we were running for our lives.One of the few th…


Dear Beth,
I'm on my way home. I'm coming back with only my clothes and my frail body barely containing my bruised heart. I come with nothing I brought. My back aches for my bed . One of the only things that survived the Sherman's march. Our regiments where released yesterday. There where 27 soldiers in our regiment in 1861. 10 where released. Only 4 where part of our
Original regiment. Send my love. I will see you soon.

Blog Post 1865 Kiana

To my dearest children,

You may already know but recently, I have failed you both and our country. For I did not try hard enough and neither did the army that followed General Lee. Our brave leader has caved into surrendering to Grant but maybe for the better. Our men were weak, missing home, slowly dissolving. I wish I could have done better, to give you, my family, the lives you deserve and the lives that God had planned for you. But we shall not lose hope, and we are not the only ones losing hope in the Confederacy, I know some people. People who agree that our surrender could not possibly be the end of our brave, fighting country. I must not say more but let’s keep it at that Lincoln and his people will always remember the Confederacy. Here I write to you from Appomattox in hopes of seeing you soon. Though, I was forced to give some weapons back luckily to us, the Union allows us to keep our own horses, so Charles, your favorite horse and I will be returning soon.

See you soon, Geor…
Dear Alexa, If you are reading this I have died in war.
I have fought hard through the beginning and the end of the war with no regrets but for the fact that i din't get to spend more time with you and the kids. I have done my best and served my country well to preserve our lifestyle. If you are reading this we have also lost the battle near Appomattox and had to surrender because of the shear fact that our army wasn't big enough to sustain...
After dying I have asked god for one more favor. I am sure you have heard about the assassination of Lincoln, I think Booth was in the wrong to go behind the beck of a northern leader but at the same time someone needed to shut that fool up. Anyways, I love you and the kids so much and i am sorry you have to life with those free blacks roaming the streets.

Sincerely, Major Stephen B. Madden

Kori- extra blog post

Vocabulary words into sentences-

Rifled Musket:
Fighting with a RIFLED MUSKET has really helped the south soldiers gain more accuracy in a small amount of time.

Salt Pork:
When I was back at home SALT PORK was under looked and not favored how selfish we can be! Now when I get some I am so thankful.

Live in a state that made the voice to SECEDE, it was my duty to fight.

General Lee's war strategy is helping us get through every battle, even if we lost we know the soldiers did not die in vain.

I have never seen sutler in action but I hear they rip of the northern soldiers, I mean I'm no complaining.

The thing I appreciate most about my regiment leader Pettigrew is his outstanding battle Tactics that will never fail us.

I am not one to complain, I must learn to be thankful and suck it up during the bloody massacre but I do wish the confederacy had more TORPEDO'S during the battles.

Turning movement:
I think the TURNING MOVEMENT is v…

Kori extra blog

I officially hate uniforms. I hate them with every weak fiber in my body, and every oz of little blood left in my limp veins. I don't have a uniform. My red coat that stood for my pride and my hunger for freedom, so much that I accepted being hungry to achieve freedom. But it ripped and stained and is now a rag, it was thrown in the river like the rest of the soldiers who's where demolished. A piece of my bravery went down with it and now I wear a layer of cowardice ness along with my everyday clothes. I wear rags into battle. The union wears crisp fine blue coats- every button in line. I don't know why but seeing that makes me so mad. Sometimes I wish I was part of the union maybe then I could wear my bravery again. But then my soul fights back at that discussing thought my brain wanted. I hate the union, I hate there uniforms because it shows what's going to come of the war. But George Washington lead the rebels into war and led them out with a victory agents the Bri…

1864 blog post- kori

I was not affected by Sherman's march. But my family was. Knowing that my son was taking care of the family by farming was so vital to my emotional health. Because now I know my family is struggling because the union burned everything! I was not there but Beth said it was hell on earth as if demons disguised as union soldiers opened a portal of fire from below which caught everyone's valuables on fire. Because I did not know that people who once fought the revolutionary war with us could be so evil, I now go to sleep aching from the bruises the fighting gives my ripped skin, and my family. Not because I know what happened to them but because I don't know what is going to happen. I don’t understand- I don’t know when Lincoln will give the union a pat on the back for vigorously tearing apart children and women's lives but I hope it slaps the sense into them.Lincoln said all men are created equal in his Gettysburg address. Well when will he follow through with it? Because…

1864 Dusty

Dear wife
The burning of Atlanta was the last straw. Although we fought to our last breath I have come to a realization, and I have come to accept defeat. The North calls us rebels and savages, Christ they burned a city to the ground stole or supply's and slaughtered our animals and lost millions of dollars in supply's not to mention they blew up an arsenal that could not be used against them. They call it a march it is more like a savage rampage that proves our point. My dear I fear it is not safe here anymore and I beg you to get you and the family out. Im am so sorry for the loss and I hope that you are not to be disappointed in me. With the advance of the Union I may not make it till the end.
Your husband
Fitzhugh Pittegrew

Blog post 1864 (Jonathan Swagerty)

Dear Alexa,

I was released from Union captivity in a prisoner trade. I participated in a great battle in which our Confederacy has won. We won the battle of Wilderness in which we had the advantage in, because we knew the vantage points and where to set up before the attack. There were many casualties in this war and I don't know how much longer I can bare it. Lee led our troops into battle again with grace. He had to give orders and do things I wish I could unsee. Till next time, tell the kids I love them and keep the slaves in check.

Sincerely, Stephen B. Madden