1864 blog post- kori

I was not affected by Sherman's march. But my family was. Knowing that my son was taking care of the family by farming was so vital to my emotional health. Because now I know my family is struggling because the union burned everything! I was not there but Beth said it was hell on earth as if demons disguised as union soldiers opened a portal of fire from below which caught everyone's valuables on fire. Because I did not know that people who once fought the revolutionary war with us could be so evil, I now go to sleep aching from the bruises the fighting gives my ripped skin, and my family. Not because I know what happened to them but because I don't know what is going to happen. I don’t understand- I don’t know when Lincoln will give the union a pat on the back for vigorously tearing apart children and women's lives but I hope it slaps the sense into them.Lincoln said all men are created equal in his Gettysburg address. Well when will he follow through with it? Because as far as I'm concerned he means all northerners and all the southern slaves are created equal. I guess when Lincoln wants equality he tears the country apart. Maybe I have not grasped onto what equality means but I've been on the earth long enough that I know it does not mean discrimination against where they live(south or north).  I am one that easily forgives, I have to forgive living in war. But it will be a while for me to learn how to forgive the people who destroyed my family. They can destroy my leg, and even weaken my soul even more, but they will not burn or lay another finger on my family. I hope your happy Lincoln, you got one more soldier who is now owned by insomnia.
You're a hypocrite. What's worse than a hypocrite? A hypocrite with power. Stop saying the southern way of life needs to end if your ending lives to. Either you don't have feelings. Or you don't believe in true equality for everyone. Either way- I hope you got what you wanted Lincoln. I'm sure Washington would be proud of the downgrade of the presidents and love to see the president allowing his people to raid families, to raid my hope of a life led by patriotism.                                         


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