Chapter 1 The beggining (1861) by ernie

It's 1861 and I know what's gonna happen. I can't risk anything though. But forget that, My name as you know it is John Blackburn, I’m with the regiment known as Blackstorm. McClellan is playing like he should, like a coward. This year was a big year, for most people it was surprising, but the first deaths didn’t happen at Bull Run, they actually happened. They actually happened at Baltimore. I wasn’t there but I know about it…. I however was at The Battle Of Bull Run, which, to no surprise, we lost. McClellan went in way too cocky, ignoring the fact that even though we have numbers, we have very little to no experience on the field. Which led a lot of our fellow friends to their demise. We need people so badly that lincoln had to call for volunteers. I wish I would’ve paid attention in class I can’t remember any of this……. Jeez the humiliation is bad. We not only lost Bull Run, but they ate our food and just celebrated while we were running for our lives.One of the few things that I do remember, was that the first income tax in our history. (get used to that)


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