chapter 2 You win some, You lose some. (1862) by ernie

This year was a big year for both sides, we both gained a lot and lost a lot this year. We (the union) tied (with the confederate) at Antietam (or at least they consider it a tie). We were able to hold off Gen. Lee’s attempt to capture Antietam was a good attempt, I’ll say. But luckily by the grace of god, we were able to find the enemy plans and counter their attack and keep them from capturing Antietam, but those confederate scums were able to take out a lot of our men. They’ll all be remembered, like I said this year was a big year. A new advancement in warfare and technology  was made, they’re called ironclad ships.  Luckily when our ship collided with the confederates, both powers were new and evenly matched…… This war is killing me, I miss them, I miss my family, my friends. I wish there was some way I could tell them where I’m at. They’re probably all wondering about me…… when I’ll return. I wish I knew when. Rations aren’t much. We have numbers, but no experience. I never imagined it like this to be honest. After a little more than a year we fought once more and it ended with a union loss like the last, Please wish me luck…… If y’all get this.


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