Chapter 3 The bloody one (1863) by ernie

We had one of, if not the bloodiest battles this year…… And I lived it, they’re gonna be jealous…… The battle of Gettysburg, it lasted three days……. We suffered many losses, General says more than 20,000. I lost a lot of my friends that day, I’ve been trying not to get attached to the people I meet here for reasons like this, And just in case I return to when I belong. Lee thought he could beat us, he rushed into this he wanted a quick victory but instead got a loss. Now that feeling you have Lee that’s defeat….. Get used to it. Even though we lost a lot of people we beat Lee, this victory was for all those we lost. A Maine regiment showed what the union stands for, he showed that no matter what, we don’t give up. On the third day they ran out of ammunition with confederate troops going uphill towards them. So what’s the only thing you can do in that situation? Run downhill with your bayonets and charge at your enemy. If it weren’t for this the battle could’ve ended a lot worse for us.


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