chapter 4 The beggining of the end (1864)

This year like that last was a good year, the war is coming to the end…… Sherman’s march was a sign that you do not mess with the union we decimated everything in our path. We destroyed Atlanta , burned it to the ground. Glad I could live this to be honest…… it was amazing. Still haven’t gotten my gift back. We got a new general too, General Grant, yes he is the general and he is not going to fail I know he won’t. Lincoln won his second election against our former general Mcclellan I wanna say sorry to my friends but I’m afraid I can’t. Something big for me is about to happen. I can’t say what, but it’s big. I’ve learned a lot from this war, I’ve lived a lot moments that should’ve killed me, I’ve looked death in the eyes and punched it on multiple occasions. I made a new friend, His name is Shawn Cruz, but we call him the deadman. He’s broken his legs, been shot twice, rolled both ankles in combat, dislocated his shoulder, gotten bit by a snake, and got typhoid fever and he’s still alive. He’s the greatest man I’ve fought next to.


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