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Vocabulary words into sentences-

Rifled Musket:
Fighting with a RIFLED MUSKET has really helped the south soldiers gain more accuracy in a small amount of time.

Salt Pork:
When I was back at home SALT PORK was under looked and not favored how selfish we can be! Now when I get some I am so thankful.

Live in a state that made the voice to SECEDE, it was my duty to fight.

General Lee's war strategy is helping us get through every battle, even if we lost we know the soldiers did not die in vain.

I have never seen sutler in action but I hear they rip of the northern soldiers, I mean I'm no complaining.

The thing I appreciate most about my regiment leader Pettigrew is his outstanding battle Tactics that will never fail us.

I am not one to complain, I must learn to be thankful and suck it up during the bloody massacre but I do wish the confederacy had more TORPEDO'S during the battles.

Turning movement:
I think the TURNING MOVEMENT is very beneficial. Sending troops around the enemy's flank is genius and can decently help win a battle.

The UNION has destroyed my everything but they have not destroyed my faith, freedom, and hope.

Yank(Blue, Federals, Billy yank) :
My son asked me who the FEDERALS where before this began. I looked at him smiled and said the enemy.

Zouave: The zouave's uniforms are so bright in color they animated made my eves bleed along with my limp leg.


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