Blog Post 1865 Kiana

To my dearest children,

You may already know but recently, I have failed you both and our country. For I did not try hard enough and neither did the army that followed General Lee. Our brave leader has caved into surrendering to Grant but maybe for the better. Our men were weak, missing home, slowly dissolving. I wish I could have done better, to give you, my family, the lives you deserve and the lives that God had planned for you. But we shall not lose hope, and we are not the only ones losing hope in the Confederacy, I know some people. People who agree that our surrender could not possibly be the end of our brave, fighting country. I must not say more but let’s keep it at that Lincoln and his people will always remember the Confederacy. Here I write to you from Appomattox in hopes of seeing you soon. Though, I was forced to give some weapons back luckily to us, the Union allows us to keep our own horses, so Charles, your favorite horse and I will be returning soon.

See you soon,
George Ottot the Fourth


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